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The Secrets ATM Route Owners Don’t Want You To Know

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ATMs have always been fascinating to me.

I’ve read a couple books, talked to a few experts and did some deep diving into ATM routes over the last couple years.

Here are few LESSER KNOWN things to note if you ever want to start of buy an ATM biz:

  1. These are great locations where “cash is king”:


Mechanics / tire shops

Smoke shops

Nail salons


Gas stations

Tattoo parlor

Student lofts

Grocery stores

  1. Even if a business already has an ATM, you can still get the gig by:
  1. When you see an ATM with a sign on the front that says “Out of service” it’s most likely because they’re out of cash.

Which means that spot is ripe for the picking. If you run a good ATM route, your machines should NEVER be out of cash.

  1. Look for foot traffic. There are some great real estate apps that can be used to determine foot traffic in areas. And just like real estate, ATMs succeed or fail based on LOCATION.

The good thing about ATMs compared to other real estate; if the location sucks, you can live it.

  1. Contracts are key. When entering a new location, your goal should be to get a five year agreement signed.

  2. If done right, you’re looking at a solid 16%+ COC return.

Hope you enjoyed this.

I believe networking is a superpower we all have.

I talk to as many founders and business owners as I can as I work to acquire businesses myself.

I’ll continue to share these with you along the way.