Kevin Bell

Tired Parents Unite

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There’s someone out there that needs to hear this.

Maybe it’s just one single person.

Even so, that’s more than enough to justify this message.

And perhaps you don’t actually needs to hear it NOW, but later it will become a message that you remember and need to hear at a more pertinent time…

Parenting is HARD AF, but you’re doing a great job.

I know you’re trying to be everything for your kids and I know it might feel like you fall short some days, but YOU DON’T.

Stop telling yourself that and stop letting that negative thought consume you.

You’re not going to be perfect

You’re not going to say and do everything that you should be saying and doing.

You ARE going to be distracted, tired and impatient

That’s normal. That’s just part of the process.

Just as you can’t expect your kids to have everything figured out and behave exactly the way they they should, you ALSO don’t have all your crap together and you are ALSO going to F it up from time to time.

What really matters are a few very crucial and basic things. Re-read these a couple times if you have to.

  1. Just tell them and show them that you love them — It blows my mind that some kids don’t hear that from their parents. Let your love for them pour out and wash over them.

  2. Show them that it’s ok to make mistakes, and that you make them all the time. — The more that they see you overcoming your faults, downfalls and mistakes, the better and more capable they are at doing the same.

  3. Start the day new — You get a chance every single day to be the best freaking parent you can be. You’re not going to win awards every day, but if you start the day new and remind yourself that the moment you have with them right here and now will NEVER come back again, you enjoy that time. But here’s the reality… this crap is hard.

They are exhausting.

They are annoying and frustrating. They fight and yell and scream and cry and wear you THE HELL down when you literally had a negative amount of bandwidth left to give.

It always hits at the hardest times. After a long ass day of work or maybe a long ass day at home as you try to hang on for deer life WHILE ALSO trying to show your love, teach lessons, react appropriately ON TOP OFF whatever the heck else you’re trying to do with your life.

Is health and fitness important to you? Cool well now it’s a challenge to get a quality workout in or make good choices with your diet.

Are you trying to build a business on the side? Love the hustle, but now try finding time outside of your W2 to do it without feeling like you’re ignoring them. Trying to do both? I see you, and also, you need a drink.

No one realllllly says it, but these are the facts. Everyone has different life situations, different kiddos, different obstacles to overcome. There’s not one blanket parenting style nor is there one magic pill or answer to help.

Just know that you are not alone. You are not perfect AND THATS OK.

Love them, teach them, be honest with them, repeat.