Kevin Bell

What Happened After Almost A Year Away From IG

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Recently I posted on IG again. Here's what happened👇

Mainly i'm a written word platform guy, but I have some content that works best on IG, so I went for it.

I did a podcast the other day and had video clips I wanted to share.

My last business was primarily focused on clients through IG and after pivoting, I took a break from that platform and dove into writing ✏️

Truthfully, expressing my content through writing feels like home. I hopped on Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn and began leaning into those. I even started a couple newsletters and blogs.

I couldn't help myself. The words just keep pouring out.

I should've known long ago since I would regularly have to regulate myself from writing a novel as the caption of a post on IG... I'm sure that comes as no surprise to you with how long this post is.

BUT, regardless of how uncomfortable I was, I knew that I had some good content to get out there and I'd regret not sharing it.

So I posted THIS

But of course I had to write about it. So I first wrote this and posted it HERE

Then I added that link to my bio and mentioned it in the caption.

As much as I rather write than post videos, I believe that theres a way to seamlessly connect them all WHILE leaning into the style that you most feel comfortable with.

Many will say that you should lean into ONE and then build... and I agree with that, but with a slight change. FOCUS on one, but don't be afraid to let your overflow content go where it should go.

It was uncomfortable, but I did it. And from just that one post, the reaction has been incredible. People that I haven't talk to for years have reached out and want to connect.

I say this in my article, but I'll say it here as well👇

Stop trying to be ready. “Ready” may never come… It’d be a shame to miss greatness while you’re waiting for ready.