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What I Learned About Sales From A Costco Samples Sales Rep

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What I learned about sales from a Costco samples sales rep:

I make a turn down an empty aisle and I hear a soft voice like a TV in the background. But not a TV, it was Susie the samples sales rep.

No one was there but she was still there repeating her script. At first it didn’t register, but a few seconds later I realized she had been talking even before I made the turn.

She didn’t know I was coming, she didn’t have ANYONE in the aisle, yet she was repeating the pitch.

I stopped and turned around, walking back to Susie.

Me-- Ma’am, sorry to bother you, but are you required to say your speech even when no one is there?

She laughs

Susie -- Not everyone does, but that’s how we’re suppose to do it. We need to say what the product is, how much it is and where to find it.

Me-- Wow, so when you’re done with the speech, you just start back at the top?

Susie nods,

Susie-- yep.

Ok so this is brilliant. This is the essence of consistency and doing what works.

This can relate to so many things, but I’ll break down a few👇

  1. Brand awareness— Be clear with what you’re message is. What’s your “product”, how do people get it and where can they find it. It’s that simple

  2. Consistency— Just cause you shared it once doesn’t mean you are done. Repeat, repurpose, share again. @thecoolestcool goes deep on this topics in his new book.

  3. Persistence— My personal favorite. There might not be anyone in your “aisle”, you might not have any followers a or subscribers, but stay in the fight, share your message. Someone WILL turn that corner and see you there.

It’s sounds crazy, but if you take that same approach to all you do;

You’ll definitely be setting yourself up for success