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What To Do If You Hate Your Job

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Kevin Bell

The big question here; what’s your price? How much do you have to make to make it worth staying in a job that doesn’t align with your purpose?

How much would it take to get you to leave your 6 figure+ job to pursue a less lucrative “purpose”?

If you have a family and other mouths to feed, is that a barrier for you?

Also, because someone has to say it; how important is it that you work a job that you fulfilled with?

There was a time when work was just work. You did it and then came home.

You put in time and then you retired… Do those days exist anymore or do we all need to LOVE what we do?

Just asking the hard questions here.

This is just my take from working a tough job and having passions outside of that job👇

  1. You don’t need to LOVE what you do, but you do need to do SOMETHING that you love. It doesn’t have to be your main gig.

  2. If being financially secure is important to you, hold on to the 9-5 gig until you can make 1.5x more at your “passion” gig. (1.5x as a little buffer)

  3. Benefits and security go a long way. Most jobs can cut you with very little notice. Having a job where that’s harder to do is worth keeping.

  4. It depends on where you live but when you start making $100k+, then you really need weigh out how you can bridge the gap. Otherwise, it’s much easier to bounce.

  5. You WILL hit a ceiling in a 9-5. Some ceilings are higher than others, but it’s a ceiling nonetheless. If you’re okay with the ceiling, keep doing your thing… But if that ceiling drives you crazy, you were meant to do something about it. Find a way to break through that ceiling.

  6. If you have a family, you don’t get to just think about your feelings anymore. This is where you might have to build on the side. Early mornings, late nights, lunch breaks, kids naps, etc. It’ll be hard, but it’s better than burning the boats and losing a home for you kids. Be smart. It’s the long play.

➡️This burnout is a real thing. In my opinion it derives from a lack of action. Some jobs suck, but then what are you going to do about it?

➡️If you’re unhappy with your 9-5 or your career path, figure something out where you pursue a passion on the side for fun OR you find a side hustle to eventually replace your main gig.

If you don’t have any other mouths to feed, make the jump, be a little risky. If you have a family, your strategy should be a little more conservative.

This is why I do what I do.

Why I fell in love with entrepreneurship, through starting and buying businesses.

While I'm on the more conservative path, I aim to move that needle each and every day, to change the trajectory of my family, build generational wealth and go to bed at night knowing that I've found my purpose.

Easier said than done, but I’ll keep you updated and share the lessons along the way.