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When Life Gives You Lemons... Or Locks Your Gym... 🍋

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You don’t need anything fancy to get a killer workout; A tweet about both entrepreneurship AND a free workout at the end. 😉

I haven’t totally found the algorithm of X yet… maybe I need to have a blue check… or maybe it’s my distribution (@TheCoolestCool 🤔) not sure, BUT I’ll keep posting value and see where it goes.

Generally I post about entrepreneurship. Business ideas, starting businesses, buying them, different lessons and things I’m doing in those businesses, etc… but the life of an entrepreneur is SO much more than just business.

Today the topic is on pivoting.

At the police station I work, we have a sweet gym set up. Part of the gym is a MMA set up. A boxing ring, Jiu Jitsu mat room and a whole bunch of other equipment. Before my shift, that’s where you’ll find me.

Yesterday I was geared up and ready to go, but the door to the MMA section was locked.

No notice, no idea what happened. Whether an accident or on purpose, there wasn’t anything that I could do right then about it.

I had a window of time I needed to get my workout in and the clock was ticking.

I set my gym bag down in the hallway just outside the locked door and pivoted my plan.

I didn’t have time to waste trying to find someone to open the door, I couldn’t sit there and try and figure out why the door was locked and who was responsible.

If I worried about all the things out of my control, I would miss my opportunity to workout.

And thats really the point here with this. This isn’t just about working out, this is about thinking on your feet. It’s applicable to so many other things.

Your ability to adapt and stay open to other possibilities and opportunities is essentially your ability to SURVIVE.

When life locks the door to your gym, drop your bag down right outside that door and get your workout on there. 🍋

So here’s what I did. Steal this workout if you want.

2 rounds:

10 rounds:

5 rounds:

5 rounds:

5 rounds:

5 rounds: