Kevin Bell

Why We Self Sabotage When We’re Closest To Success

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An interesting realization from the other day at the tail end of a long run;

I had been completely fine through 9.5 of the 10miles I was running but the second I turned the corner and was on the home stretch .5 mile until home, almost instantly it hurt more than it had the whole run prior.

There wasn’t a magic wall that I ran through that turned up the resistance. It was entirely mental. I KNEW I was close. I could feel the warmth of the house and smell the coffee waiting for me. I was imagining being done and taking my recovery walk around the block. It was right within my reach…. But I still had half a mile to go. I wasn’t done yet.

It was that last .5 mile that was literally the entire run for me. It took everything I had to hold my pace.

I began processing what was happening. I was struggling BECAUSE I was so close to the end. So close to tasting that success. In my mind I was already there. Which was also part of the problem. It was in these last brutal 3ish minutes of running and processing that I realized it’s not just with running that we do this. It’s with everything.

I’m not sure there’s a coined term for it, but I call it “The Within Reach Resistance”. You are SO close to achieving success, it is within your reach and you know it. But you’re not there yet.

This can happen to anyone. It’s not a matter of if, but when. You might have been grinding for years with your business and you’re just about to a level of revenue you’ve been working towards for a while. Don’t be surprised if that last little push is the hardest you’ve had to push. Maybe you’re trying to purchase a company or exit one. Be prepared for last second hiccups that will try and derail you from the close. There might not even be a tangible milestone that you’re aware of when this resistance comes on. You might be close to a success that you didn’t even realize. And that’s why you’re feeling it.

I can’t take that resistance away from you, but just know that you’re not alone. This happens to the best of us. It’s natural. It’s going to suck. Lean into the resistance and know that you’re feeling it because you’re so close. Your success is within reach. Finish strong.