Kevin Bell

You Are Not That Good

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You are not that good.

I don’t mean any offense by that, I think it’s a needed reality for resilience. I’ll explain…

Side note: When I say “you”, I’m also referring to “us” as well. We’re in the same boat.

Success in life doesn’t just happen.

And overnight successes don’t exist.

The road to success is plagued with obstacles in the way. And the ones that actually end up reaching some level of success and not settling for mediocre do one thing well…

They don’t let failure stop them. In other words, people that JUST. KEEP. GOING, find success.

Maybe it’s just me, but this is how I look at achieving success:

EVERYONE is destined for it, but it’s at the end of a long and windy road of “failures” that stop most people from getting there.

Some find a short cut or cheat code and get there a little sooner.

Some ACTUALLY cheat the system and pay for it on the back end.

Some reach a certain level they’re content with and chill.

Some quit entirely because it’s hard.

But the success IS there. And It DOES exist for everyone.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make here?

We need to be more prepared to handle failure. Why? Because that’s the KEY TO SUCCESS.

It’s so counterintuitive, but the better you get at sucking, the better you’ll get.

That’s why I’m saying that you’re not that good. No one is. It’s not about being GOOD. It’s about being RELENTLESS.

Strive to be:

relentless in your pursuits

Consistent in your actions

Obsessive with your goals

Being good means nothing.

Never giving up = Greatness