Kevin Bell

You Have to Spend Money to Make Money, but Is It the Same With Time?

For a long time I heard the phrase “you have spend money to make money”. That didn’t make any sense to me until it became a reality.

One mentor told me that he had spent over a $100k over the years on courses and coaches and conferences, etc. At that time, my mind was blown. How could that be possible. How does anyone MAKE money, if they are spending that much money.

But then I started a business, and another, and another… I hired employees, bought real estate, purchased software subscriptions, equipment, marketing, advertising, and the list goes on. All with the purpose of running those businesses and making money. It’s a calculated risk to take for the vision you have and empire you’re trying to build.

That’s a fairly easy concept to wrap your mind around. But another concept that we don’t think of as often, has to do with time. It costs time to get time. It’s not the same amount for all of us, but an investment does have to take place.

And when we invest that time, what we get in return is MORE time. You won’t ever get that invested time back, but what you will get is freedom of your future time. The ability to leave your W2 and work from home. The ability to take vacations when you want, where you want for as long as you want. The ability to be at all your kids practices and games because YOU make your schedule. The ability to start your day with excitement from doing work you’re passionate about.

Time is non refundable, but if you invest it wisely, the ROI is far greater than anything you could have imagined. And if you really play your cards right, the more time you invest, the more time AND money you get in return.

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