Kevin Bell

Your Ideas Are Killing Your Success

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Kevin Bell

It’s hard to come to grips with the truth behind that, but ive come to realize that the shiny objects that we chase and completely justify in our heads as to WHY we chase them, are holding us back.

I say WE and US, because I am just as guilty as the rest of you!

I lay in bed wide awake at night thinking about different businesses that I could start.

I think of variations of the ones I have already started.

I think about ones that have been built already and I can make better

And I dream up new ideas and think about finding that sought after blue ocean you hear so much about

I think of logos, mission statements, color schemes, website layouts, LLC names.

I think of business ideas BASED ON business ideas…. No, for real. I have a phenomenal idea for an “idea platform” where people like me can collaborate with other head swirling serial entrepreneurs like myself to process through these wild thoughts productively…. Which entirely proves my point… but it really is a great idea!

The few of you that can stay grounded-

That can find focus and patience in a world full of distraction-

The few that either FAIL QUICK or just lean in so far on something that it HAS too work…

Find the success.

So, what do we do about it. How do we turn the switch off… DO we turn the switch off??

I dont think we do.

But we do need to find an outlet.

I fear my ideas dying in my phone without seeing the light of day.

I fear these shower thoughts and half processed business ideas not having any action taken on them and for NOTHING to come of what could be HUGE.

So what I end up doing is trying to do them all….

Which doesn’t help either and I end up not getting anything done. Or lots of things done partially…

That brings me back to an outlet.

Pick the idea you want to pursue, then find your outlet for the rest of them.

A blog





BRAIN DUMP. Get them out there in raw, unfinished form!

This is not going to look perfect.

It’s not going to be great.

But what it is going to do is get the ideas out of your head, out of your phone where they disappear forever and out there doing SOMETHING so that you can focus on what you have chosen to do.

Brain dump and move on.

If something does come of those amazing ideas of yours, awesome.

But that's not the point.

The point is to free your bandwidth and allow you to fight another day with your focus where it needs to be.

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