Kevin Bell

You’re Doing Too Much

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Kevin Bell

Doing more things is not a direct correlation to actually doing more.

By doing more things you often times end up doing less.

So why do we obsessively try and add more to our plates?

Sometimes it’s because we like the busy. We crave the hustle. We live for the rush of anxiety that fills us when we have to juggle multiple tasks.

Truth be told it’s because we don’t want to stand still for long enough to really analyze our motivations.

Other times we’re doing these things because we are making up for how we believe we fall short. Maybe we don’t have a lot of money, so we’re trying to make it. Maybe it’s because we don’t believe we are up to par or an adequate member of the team, so we overcompensate by working on everything.

Often times we do more because we don’t have a clear direction. It’s the classic shotgun technique. You either WANT to do it all or you’re not sure what you want to do so you just end up doing it all. The trick is to eliminate a thing or two when you begin to find clarity.

But maybe, it’s actually none of what I just said. Maybe you don’t actually want to do everything.

Maybe that’s not your intent. Maybe you don’t feel that you fall short and you DO actually have a clear direction... perhaps, you do so much because you’re on a mission to do great things and all of this is part of the journey…

Because each thing you do is another lesson you’ve learned, tool in your tool belt and step towards the summit of the success you seek….

Because these are all just small battles in the overall war you fight…. Maybe.


More isn’t always better. More doesn’t always lead to MORE of what you want. But when you know WHY you are doing more, you can go about what you do with intention and clear direction.

Define why you feel the need to do it and the purpose of it, then decide whether it still needs to be done. If not, stop it.

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