Kevin Bell

You’re not always going to rock at parenting

Twitter Post


You’re not always going to rock at parenting.

The only experience you have as a parent is with a kid the age of your oldest.

You’re legitimately learning how to parent as they are growing up.

And for most of us, you’re ALSO figuring your own crap out at the same time.

Building businesses, conquering life goals, supporting your family financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

And then when you think you have it figured out with the first kid, the second kid is DIFFERENT… well crap.

You might have a third, or fourth or more. Maybe you have one with special needs. So many different possibilities.

You figure it out as you go. You’re GOING to mess up.

You’re not going to be perfect. But guess what? It starts over tomorrow.

Don’t drag yesterdays mistakes into today.

And most of all, ENJOY your time with them.

It’d the best time of our lives and we don’t want to realize that when they’re already gone.